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120 Softgels | 120 Servings | 50 mcg

TruBioD3™ contains vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in convenient softgels. Vitamin D3 is the bioidentical form of vitamin D synthesized in the body from cholesterol, following activation by the UV rays in sunlight. This form is excellent for maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D in the body. Mounting evidence suggests roles for vitamin D not only in bone health, but also in supporting immune, neurological, musculoskeletal, cellular, and cardiovascular health.

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Many people take Vitamin D on a regular basis, and many more probably should, but don’t realize it. But what I find interesting is that few really know much about this important vitamin. So, let’s see how much YOU know!

1.Did you know that “Vitamin D” is a HORMONE with receptors in many body organ systems and Vitamin D targets over 200 genes in a wide variety of tissues, not just a “vitamin”? Having optimal Vitamin D stores significantly reduces all causes of death.Vitamin D is a secosteroid with an endocrine mechanism of action which is sequentially synthesized in humans in the skin, liver and kidneys. The bioactive hormone is1alpha,25-dihydrocholecalciferol [1,25(OH)2D3] or just D3 for short. Vitamin D2 is not naturally present in the human body. D2 and D3 are similar biochemically, but D3 is approximately 87% more potent in raising and maintaining serumcalcidiol (the body’s main storage form of Vitamin D), and in producing 2-3x greater storage of Vitamin D than D2. So make sure your supplement is the bioactive form, D3.

2.Did you know that even people who live in sunny climates, like Arizona, Florida, and Texas, can be deficient in Vitamin D? In fact, while Vitamin D3 is made in the skin when 7-dehydrocholesterol reacts with sunlight, many things affect the degree to which this biosynthesis occurs, including time of day, seasons, location, smog/pollution, clothing, shade of skin (darker skin requires more sun), sunscreen use, depleting therapies and even high fiber diets and fiber supplements. Low-cholesterol diets and certain cholesterol therapies (statins and others) can decrease Vitamin D formation. Some estimates report that as many as 60% of people worldwide have Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency.

3.Did you know adequate Vitamin D is needed for your body to absorb calcium? Many critical functions in the body—brain function, heart, nerve and muscle function, as well as bone health—are dependent on calcium.

4.Did you know that Vitamin D is fat-soluble and better absorbed for your body to use it when it is delivered in a capsule with OIL, rather than a tablet? And the type of oil is important. Long chain fatty acids such as olive oil facilitate the absorption of Vitamin D as well as healthy foods such as salmon, avocados, raw nuts and seeds, full fat dairy products and eggs.

5.Did you know Vitamin D deficiency is implicated in most of the diseases we face today? It has as many mechanisms of action as genes it targets. Look at all the body systems benefitted by optimal Vitamin D levels:
• Immune Function: Evidence suggests that Vitamin D plays a major role regulating the immune system, including immune responses to viral infection. Vitamin D deficiency leads to increased risk of influenza and respiratory tract infection (bacterial and viral) as well as increased risk of many cancers. Cell culture experiments support the thesis that Vitamin D has direct anti-viral effects. Another role is the potent immunomodulatory effects of the active form of Vitamin D in autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.
• Neurologic and Cognitive Health: Maternal Vitamin D deficiency may one of the risk factors for Infantile autism disease, likely by affecting fetal brain development. Many clinical studies over decades have shown Vitamin D supplementation is associated with the reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

To your improving health!
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

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